Can An Antacid Tablet (Zantac) Hurt My Dog? I Think My Dog Ate A 150mg Tablet.


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Will Zantac hurt my dog?

This tablet shouldn't do much harm to your dog, but you shouldn't give it this medication on a regular basis.

Some dog owners believe that regularly giving their pets antacid tablets will help reduce the chances of the animal contracting bloat - a life-threatening condition.

In fact, the impact of human antacid tablets on dogs is not well known, and vets only prescribe medication such as Zantac in rare circumstances, when other avenues have already been explored.

  • Monitor your pet closely in the period following the ingestion of the tablet. If it starts to act abnormally, then you should take it to the vet as soon as possible.
  • Zantac is designed for use by humans and not by small dogs.
  • It is not believed to be an effective method of preventing bloat.
  • Bloat is a life-threatening condition, which is most prevalent in the German shepherd and poodle breeds.
  • The condition causes the dog's stomach to fill with gas and fluid and eventually twist, stopping the gas escaping.
  • This has potentially life-threatening affects on the dog's respiratory and circulatory systems.
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That's a pretty small dog to have consumed that much Zantac. You should consult your vet immediately. Often, inducing vomiting will solve the problem but, depending on how long it was in the stomach, it could have already started to absorb into the bloodstream.

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