Where Do Blood Squirting Lizards Live In The Wild?


1 Answers

Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
Squirting blood from the eye is an
unbelievable but true Horned Toad
(Horny Toad) defense mechanism.
They live in hot, dry, sandy places
from British Columbia all the way
down south to Guatemala and from
Arkansas  to the Pacific Coast.  They live
in deserts, where the ground gets too hot
for Humans, even with shoes.  They also
flourish in mountain areas, as much as 10,000
feet above sea-level.  They don't make good pets
because the eat only one food, Harvester Ants.
Because people try to bring this amazing and
amusing lizard back home, they're not easy to
find anymore.  In fact, they are Endangered.

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