Are Wall Geckos Poisonous?


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No, wall geckos aren’t poisonous at all – they’re totally harmless, just like every other species of gecko.

Are There Any Poisonous Lizards?
There are only about three types of lizard that are poisonous. Over one thousand, five hundred species of lizard have poison glands, but they ‘ve evolved in a way which means they can’t actually use this poison.

The only lizards you really have to watch out for are the Gila monster, the Mexican Bearded Lizard and the Komodo Dragon, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find any of these in your house.

What Are Wall Geckos?
Wall geckos are harmless little lizards that are commonly found in some hot countries like Spain, Libya and Tunisia. They’re actually quite good at getting rid of insects, so I wouldn’t worry if you find one in your house.

Wall geckos get their name from their ability to stick to vertical surfaces like walls. The lizards weigh about 5oz, but they’re so good at sticking to walls that, in theory, they could carry 9lbs of weight with them without struggling.

This is so incredible that scientists have modeled a super-strength glue called Geckskin (that can hold up to 700lbs on a smooth surface) on gecko feet.

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