How Long Does A German Shepherd Stay Pregnant?


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There pregnancy is 63-79 days symtoms are nipple growth,big stomach,vometing (may be),being tired,and gain and loss of appetite. I know you didn't ask that last part but I thought you should know. False pregnancy could accur.
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We count from the tie on that first day. Average gestation is 59 to 63 days though can go a little sooner or a little later. 57 is okay though there is concern if it's earlier and you go 68 to 70 you should call your vet and discuss and are at higher risk for c-section. A day or two after that says your girl is in big trouble usually.  
Ultrasound or x-rays are a regular part of prenatal care. They tell us many important thing's and how likely difficulty may be though even many of us with c-section breeds do ultrasound because it also tells us many important things. Your vet can help you through all that hopefully.
At the appropriate time in the pregnancy we begin taking temperature. This lets us know when our girl is actually entering labor. The temperature will drop to around 98 and there should be pups soon and if not in 24 hours it's time to call the vet.
In the mean time it's also best to independently study up on what is and is not normal and what to expect and even set up a plan with your vet in the event there is trouble (unless your an auto or general C breed or you already know it's probable by breed or visuals or situation, then you already know :-). You want to be able to save your girl (not to mention the pups) in time and know what to do and not to do during the pregnancy, whelp, and raising of the pups before it occurs. You can also look for another experienced person or two to help lead you along and offer advice and your breed parent club is usually a good place to get breed specific info. Good luck to you.

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