Are Shrimp And Oysters High In Purines?


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According to acumedico, shrimp purine content falls into the category of moderately high purine content at an average level of 147 mg of uric acid per 100g. This makes them a food to be avoided when suffering from gout.

  • Oysters and Gout
Although the content of purine in oysters falls into the lowest category with 90 mg of uric acid per 100g, oysters are considered a food to be avoided.

  • High Cholesterol
Usually, foods that have high cholesterol and/or fat contents are high in purines. Gout diets are subsequently low-cholesterol and low-fat. It has been specifically suggested that below 30% of daily Calorie intake should be derived from fat.

  • Protein
Proteins also frequently have large purine concentrations. Fish, such as sardines, mackerel, oysters, scallops, and mussels, as well as red meat can cause gout and should be reduced, or better still avoided altogether.

Large quantities of fatty, high protein white meats, such as pork and poultry, can equally aggravate gout. Sweetbreads made from organ meats like heart, liver or kidney are particularly bad for gout sufferers. Even meat related foods, like beef or chicken broth, bouillon and caviar may produce high uric acid levels.

  • Vegetables
Mushrooms, spinach, peas, asparagus, and cauliflower are all purine rich and can therefore cause gout. Yeast and lentil beans equally increase chances of gout flare ups. Beer, consisting of grains and yeast, can therefore raise uric acid levels and should be avoided.

  • Dairy Products
High-fat dairy, such as whole milk, butter, cheese and ice cream are similarly believed to be possible causes of gout.It is consequently recommended to replace them with soy alternatives or low to non-fat dairy products.

A complex carbohydrate-rich diet of whole grains like pasta and bread, fruits and vegetables may ease gout symptoms.
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There are varying opinions as to how harmful shellfish is to gout sufferers, but it's generally agreed that they are less high in purines than red meat and offal. This list puts shrimps higher than oysters in purine content; others do the same, but not all agree on how much (if any) shellfish is advisable for gout sufferers. Individuals vary too, so it might be worth consulting a doctor or dietitian.
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I have Gout. It's amazing but the only things that bring on an attack are raw oysters and oatmeal. I tested it. After the second occurrence of Gout I looked up what I had to eat just prior to the attack. I suspected oysters and ate a doxen raw oysters. This caused an attack within two days. I had a hospital stay and was fed oatmeal with every breakfast. When I had Gout after this I started eating Cheerios with breakfast and sure enough, I had another attack.

Nothing else seems to have an effect. I avoid oatmeal but have eaten raw oysters with no effect. Otherwise, I eat like an American (red meats, vegetables, very little sweets, milk, etc) and have no recurrence of Gout.

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