Where Can I Buy A Real Monkey?


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Some Time You Can Buy A Monkey At A Pets Store
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You should think very strongly about buying (ACTUALLY ITS CONSIDERED ADOPTING) a monkey. They arent as great in captivity as you may think. Everything they will need to survive and be a healthy monkey can become very expensive. 1st of all you need to make sure there is a Exotic Vet in you area that knows how to care for such an animal. They will need medical attention to make sure they are healthy. You need to have the time to be with the pet, if you work 12 hours of the day, I don't suggest you have 1. They are just as if not more demanding as a child is. They are gorgeous,intelligent,sneaky,creative,attention craving exotic/wild animals. Unless you adopt one that has been harmed/abused in some sort of way, you will have your hands full!! And, chances are your pockets could run low. They need tons of attention and care. The right nutritional diet. Should be wary around small children and other pets. Your house should be monkey/child proofed before bringing it home. Please, take all of this into consideration before going through with the adoption.
  Check your local pet stores and any humane society's, petfinder.come may be a good source. And be very knowledgable of the animal you take home, for your sake, and most importantly the pets!
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You need to check and see if it is even legal where you live before you even think about buying a monkey.  Most places in the world it is illegal to own a monkey.
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There are MANY types of monkeys. You do need to check with local animal control, fish and game and USDA for licensing and requirements. They also aren't pets in any sense that you might be thinking of the word. Definitely takes considerable research and you should see if there are any primate sanctuary's or anything in your area to volunteer at as well as getting to know people with primates (not just infants and juveniles) and those that used to have primates. Here are some places to get you started (and some dear friends of mine). Some good reads are the handbook of course, bringing up Ziggy (saga of raising a helping hands monkey) and even Next of kin which may give you some incite into primates (it's about chimps who can sign and therefor communicate with us on something near our own level).

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