Where Is A Cheap Vet?


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Vets are usually very expensive and it is hard to find cheap vets. You can ask the vet about payment plans. Secondly you can ask for discounts. Also click here to find the list of cheap vets.
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Don't use All Creatures Animal Hospital on Pershing Ave. And SR 436. The vet (Dr. Kim) doesn't communicate with you hardly at all while he's in the room. Also, he just treats your pet and performs whatever he wants on them without asking you or telling you what he's doing unless you ask. Then you'll find out you owe hundreds of dollars even though the lady at the front desk told you you only needed $130 in shots or whatever. I will admit I'm saying a lot of this out of anger against him for what he did to my dog, but it's all true. My dog was a tiny puppy (Min Pin) getting her first shots from him and when he stuck her with the needle, she yelped and turned her head like she was going to nip him on the hand. He got scared and let go of her and the needle. She was sitting there screaming with a needle flopping around on her back/neck causing damage and hurting her. He didn't even apologize and she ended up with a huge lump that took 2 months to heal. The worse part is that she is now a year and a half old and is terrified of everyone and she trembles and secretes if she goes in vet office or anyone comes near her.

Before you try to save money, first find a vet you trust and make sure they communicate and explain what's going to happen and what it cost. Most importantly.... Make sure they care about your pet. Best of luck to you.
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My dog had cherry eye surgery, she had damaged her lens of her eye before the surgery. She is 11yrs old. She had surgery in Feb,2011 now both eyes ;ook like shes losing her sight, I took her to the vet he told me that she was real bad and refered to a eye specizilaizes. Just to be seen is $109=$255.  I can't affoet that and I don't want to put my dog down she's lively and happy not ill at all. Please help

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