What Noise Does A Toucan Make?


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Victoria Picking Profile

A Toucan makes a sound quite unlike any other bird. The sound they create comes out as a croaking, growling sound. Some would compare it to the sound that frogs make. 

The toucans that are found in mountain-regions make a slightly different sound, which is similar to a bray of a donkey.

Actually the name of the bird 'toucan' comes from the sound that it creates.

Like humans, the females will usually have a higher voice than the males, and will also make sounds by tapping their large beaks on things.

Different species of toucan make slightly different sounds, and some are more vocal than others. Most species though will only make sounds when they are scared or are trying to communicate a message to the rest of the flock.

Some types will even purr like a cat when they are happy or content!

This video shows the sound that a toucan will make when it is alarmed and is sending a warning.

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