What Causes A Dog To Have Extreme Tremors, And Seizure Like Episodes? Will He Die Of This?


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How old is the dog? - Dogs having seizures is not rare by any means. You need to keep a date book and write down when they happened, what dates. Then you need to take him to your Veterinarian and provide him with the information you gathered. He may do bloodwork or he may start him on something called Phenobarbitol right away. Pheno usually helps control or completely eliminates seizures. Still, yearly bloodwork is recommended to make sure the Pheno level isn't too high.
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My dog is 7 years old and starting whining about two days ago now she is whimpering and will not use her back legs and is shaking and tremoring.She seems to be getting worse.  We can't get her into the vet until Friday please give me suggestions to help her

thank you
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My dog is 18 yrs old and had a seizure, lost urine and bm, came out of it and was as
normal as she could be.
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I did take chiquito to the vet and unfortunately we had to put him to sleep. We are still upset, so please understand if I feel as nothing you can say will make me nor my children feel better, right now. Good bye.
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I am so sorry about the loss of your dog. They are so much a part of the family. I have an English Bulldog that has the head tremors and was diagnosed as being "epileptic"
How ever your case sounds much different than mine. It sounds like your dog had a heart problem, If he lost the use of his paw. Again, I am Very sorry about your loss and I know your children are having a hard time with it too. All my best.
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Not sure why you can't see the Vet til Friday,this sounds like an emergency...pain can cause this, hip displasia(sp?), and a lot of other things...tell the Vet it is an emergency, get in there & if the reason is pmt, make arrangements to pay them on Fri.

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