What Kind Of Treats Does Quaker Parrots Like To Eat?


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A parrots diet should only consist of about 20% seed! They can and will with work learn to eat just about anything that you do! There are some things that should never be fed to them and those things are as follows: Any avocado in any form, caffiene, chocolate, cherries, and any pitts from fruits are poisonous, other than that the sky is the limit! What I do is provide a separate dish for "people" food. Then whatever I eat I share a small portion with my birds. Some things will be thrown to the bottom of the cage to start, but thats ok because they get to taste them as they do this...just keep doing it and eventually they will be eating all kinds of things! In the wild they are scavengers so they would eat many, many different things and are healthiest with a widely varied diet. Good luck...any more questions...visit me at Liveperson. If I'm not online leave me an email and I will get back to you!

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