Where Is The Only Place An Elephant Can Visit The Dentist?


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Tuscaloosa, Alabama!

Did you know that in the same way that humans are left or right-handed, elephants are left or right-tusked. The dominant tusk is known as the major tusk, and is usually shorter than the other tusk due to wear and tear, maybe they could get tusk veneers at Tuscaloosa!

Elephants are also excellent swimmers. They use all four legs to swim and are able to move swiftly, their body mass providing flotation while their trunk acts like a snorkel. They can even swim long distance; it is thought elephants once swam from Southern India to Sri Lanka where they settled.

It is also thought that like humans, some elephants are in fact homosexual. Researchers have found that male elephants will form same-sex relationships and will try to mate with each other. Male elephants will also intertwine their trunks and ‘kiss’.

If you thought nine months was a long time to carry a baby, pity the poor elephant. Their gestation period is an incredible 22 months - the longest pregnancy of any land animal. Furthermore, giving birth isn't always a happy experience, as baby elephants can weigh as much as 120kg.
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Why would one want to?
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In your dreams ?

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