My Cat Bit My Baby Turtle's Shell. Its Not That Serious But Cracked.What Should I Do?


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My baby turtle is only 3 inches big I didn't realized my grandma (with shoes) was standing on him the whole time, he was on the floor when  noticed I immediately picked him and and there is blood seeping through his shell. That must means he was internally damage..will he survive what do I do? Peasez help me
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Don't worry about the turtle. It will grow back the shell in some time. But do keep an eye on your cat next time.
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My dog bit my baby turtle its bleeding a little on the shell and the leg is bleeding also.. My dog put the whole turtle in his mouth and he has like little marks around shell what should i do?
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my dog got my turtle from its little pond and when i looked at it its shell was bleeding a little was can i do.. can i put neosporin or some human medication on it?

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