How Do I Teach My Dog Not To Be Afraid Of Everyone And Everything?


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Bla Bla shout 4 an hr k
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I'M HAVING AND MY FRIEND HAS THE SAME PROBLEM AND THE SAME KIND OF DOG, SHE WILL ONLY GO WITH KATHY SHE IS AFRAID OF EVERY ONE ELSE VERY ATTACHED TO THE POINT OF ANXIETY,DOES your PUP JERK A LOT WHEN SLEEPING? MINE IS 5 NOW AND JERKS A LOT you MUST NIP THIS NOW IT GETS TO BE WHERE THE DOG MUST HAVE your 24 HOUR ATTENTION I Can not even read a paper,mine was  in a kennel for a year, be patient, show her that things that make noises are good not bad then reward her let her sniff it bang a pot then let her go to it, keep doing this till she doesn't over react good luck
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First of all, you have to be super patient. They need to become comfortable with you and you have to earn their complete trust. Then you must slowly introduce them to things/people they're afraid of. Don't throw them into situations that frighten them, it will only increase their fear of that particular thing. You have to work with them everyday, and bring to places like dog parks or surround them with people and other dogs. Eventually, as they get used to their surroundings, they'll relax and feel better. Really, it just takes a lot of time, patience, and training.

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