How Long Does It Take For Peahens To Hatch Their Eggs?


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I have never let my peahens set their own eggs, as they supposedly get broody (want to start sitting) after eight eggs, which they lay every other day. If you take the eggs, she will continue to lay up to 20 eggs. Also, if you use an incubator, many peafowl enthusiasts tell you that you will get low survival rates, that is because the peachicks are not as domesticated a chicken chicks and more dependent on their mother to tend to them. They won't learn to eat or drink, or not take a chilling bath in their drinking water. The answer however is simple. Peafowl eggs take about 28 days to hatch and chickens 21, 7 days after you have put the first peafowl eggs in the incubator put in a few chickens - when they all hatch together the peafowl will learn from the chickens. I't worked for me.
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From the time the pair of peacoscksmate how long until i see and egg, or how long until she lays an egg? Thank u
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Within days, they lay about every other day, so if she is making eggs, she should start laying within two days.
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The peahen is a beautiful bird which is innocent and amazingly pretty. They usually take 28 to 30 days to lay their eggs.
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It takes 28 days
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Wot age does a peahen first start to lay her eggs

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