What Types Of Fish Can You Catch In Pet Society?


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I gat a macaroon fish
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So far I have caught

doughnut fish: Only with pink doughnuts
puppyfish : Only with white bones
sliver arowanda
coconut fish : Only with home grown coconuts
apple fish: Only with the 5 coin apples from store
Loverootfish : Only with homegrown sweet heart root
seahorse: Only with the 7 coin carrots
watermelonfish: Only with 50 coin melons
Altum Angelfish

there are a few more but I forget the names

you can also get:
Conch shell
sea star baby doll
message in a bottle
empty bottle
bike tire
broken pot
sea weed
sea urchin (I think its a doll)
soda can
fish skeleton

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The kinds of fish in pet society are:

Common fish any bait can be used :

-Clownfish [At least 5]
-Frontasa [At least 5]
-Golden butterfly fish [At least 5]
-Red demekin [At least 5]
-Fish [At least 5]
-Sardine [At least 5]
-Crab [At least 5]
-Dogfish [At least 5]
-Squid [At least 5]
-Octopus [At least 5]
-Altum Angelfish [At least 5]
-Schooling Bannerfish [At least 5]
-Elephantnose Fish [At least 5]
-Paddle Fish [At least 5]
-Green Dicus [At least 5]
-Sheepfish [At least 5]
-Red Salmon [At least 5]
-Clown Loach [At least 5]
-Blue Ram [At least 5]
-Shrimp [At least 5]
-Mosquito Fish [At least 5]
-Spotted Bass [At least 5]
-Flounder [At least 5]
-Carp [At least 5]
-Silver Arrowana [At least 5]
-Love Fish [At least 5]
-Macaronfish [At least 5]
-Bluegill [At least 5]
-Starfish [At least 5]
-Blowfish [At least 5]
-Sea Urchin [Many and Many]

Decorative Items that can caught by any bait:
-Conch Shell [Many and Many]
-Coral [Many and Many]
-Sea Star Baby Doll [Many and Many]
-Seaweed [Many and Many]
-Blue Sea Urchin Shell [Many and Many]
-Clam with Pearl [Many and Many]
-Sea Anemone [Many and Many]

Waste that can caught by any bait:
-Bike Wheel [Many and Many]
-Broken Pot [Many and Many]
-Empty Bottle [Many and Many]
-Fish Bones [Many and Many]
-Old Boot [Many and Many]
-Soda Can [Many and Many]
-Message in a Bottle [Many and Many]

Rare Fish can only be catched using a certain bait:

AppleFish - Homegrown Apple or Apple that bought in Store [At least 5]
CoconutFish - Homegrown Coconut [At least 5]
LoverootFish - Homegrown SweetHeart Root [At least 5]
PuppyFish - White Bone [At least 5]
Seahorse - Carrot [At least 5]
StrawberyDonutFish - Pink Donut
ChocolateDonutFish - Donut or Chocolate Donut [At least 5]
WaterMelon Fish - Whole WaterMelon [At least 5]
Banana Fish - Homegrown Banana or Banana that bought in Store [At least 5]
Cheese Fish - Cheese [At least 5]
Lemon Fish - Lemon [At least 5]
Piranha - Rare Steak [At least 5]
Strawberry Fish - Strawberry [At least 5]
Strawberry ShortCakeFish - Homegrown Strawberry ShortCake [At least 5]
Chocolate Fish - Chocolate Heart [At least 5]
CupcakeFish - Homegrown Cupcake [At least 5]
Orange Fish - Homegrown Orange [At least 5]
CatFish - Bottle Of Milk [At least 5]
Birthday CakeFish - Birthday Cake that bought in Store [At least 5]
orangefish-homegrown orange [At least 5]

There Might Be Another New Fish In Any Month ,Just Wait.

If you like to know a fast fishing just add me in facebook


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