Why Only Female Anopheles Mosquito Causes Malaria?


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As we know that the female mosquito belongs to the genus anopheles. It spreads a parasite of genus plasmodium. This parasite has two types of hosts whom it can successfully infect. They are humans and female anopheles mosquito. In humans this parasite first attacks the lever than the red cells of blood. In RBCs' (red blood cells) these parasites divide and re divide to destroy the blood cells.

They release their daughter parasites called merozoites. These merozoites continue the malarial life cycle.On the other hand for the anopheles mosquito take blood meals for egg productions and this blood meal is actually a source of linkage between the human and mosquito hosts. This helps to carry out the parasite's life cycle. But to our surprise out of the 430 approx species of Anopheles only 30-50 transmit malaria in nature. Almost four species of mosquito can cause malaria in nature. These are :

Plasmodium falciparum,
Plasmodium vivax,
Plasmodium ovale
Plasmodium malariae
The first two species are the most infectious world wide. Plasmodium falciparum is said to be the most fatal one. Plasmodium malaria also produces long lasting infections.
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Because their food is blood and they need blood to feed their children but some of them have parasites in them which causes malaria called plasmodium.
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Well, the way to end malaria is to create a poison for the female anopheles and the human ingests that poison and when the female anopheles bites, it either dies or the poison hampers its ability to lay eggs thereby interrupting the life cycle of the plasmodium parasite.
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as per my knowledge is concerned female mosquitoes lives on blood and male mosquitoes lives on nectar produced in flowers ...male mosquitoes has nothing to do with blood

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