How To Recognize A Tick Bite?


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There is a difference between a tick bite and a spider bite. It is very difficult to tell as they are both quite similar. The best way to find out what you have been bitten by is to visit your doctor as they will be able to offer you the best advice. There are a number of internet forums and websites though where individuals can look at pictures of spider and tick bites to help them differentiate between the two. One of these sites can be found at this link:
In general, if you can see a red ring or lump and can still see a bit of the tick inside your skin, this is obviously a tick bite. The type of tick bite will vary depending on the length of time the tick was biting you. So if it simply bit you and then fell off your skin, the bite may look like a small red pimple. If it was holding on to your skin for a little while longer, it will look like a red spot and this may or may not be bleeding.

If your bite develops a red ring around it like a bullseye, this could be a sign of a tick bite and it has caused you to contract Lyme disease. Go to your doctor as soon as possible if you start noticing these circular marks.
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The tick is usually stuck there the best to you, I don't think they bite and leave they usually hang around and suck blood....the best to you

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