What Is The Mating Behavior Of A Male Pekin Duck?


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I have 2 male Pekin Ducks and 1 female Pekin Duck. They just started mating. I've noticed that the males will splash and play in the water (they also mate on land but like water better) then they will bob their heads up and down in the water. We have a kiddie pool. Then the male will start biting or nibbling at the females back or neck then he will begin pushing the female under water and he will get on top of her for 5-15 seconds, while holding her down and biting on to the top of her head. Usually the male will wait for the female to get into the water first then he will get into the water. But it might take a couple tries for the male to get onto the female. I hope this is what you were looking for and I hope it helped!
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I have a pair of pekin ducks,I noticed that every time the female lays an egg the male will go push all the eggs out of the he doing this to stop her from sitting on them or is this natural for him to roll them around???/
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Hey with the two that were bobbing together are they the males or female and male ?

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