What Are The Causes And Treatment Of Ringworm In Animals?


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In animal ringworm are 3 basic causes which are as follows:
• Ringworm can easily infect pets having long hair.
• Ringworm infects present in impure soil can infect cats and dogs.
• Ringworm infection present in the living place of cats and dogs can contaminate them.

Topical shampoo treatment is used in approximately each case, particularly in longer haired animals. It is useful to cut all or some of the hair in several pets so that they can't get infected by such fungus. This treatment will get rid of infected hair that can create infection in both animals and people.

Specific creams are also used when pets gets infected. Some of these medications are:
• Ketoconazole
• Clotrimazole
• Chlorhexidene
• Miconazole

In some pets the disease may go by after a number of months. But treatment is good because this will reduce spreading of infection to other animals and people.

In many diseases, usual cleanliness, washing hands regularly and keeping pets' hair/ fur clean will do a very job in preventing this problem. Pets that chase rodents, especially into burrows, might be at an increased risk. By taking some preventive measures pets can be safe from ringworm and many diseases and illnesses.

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