What Are The External Characteristics Of Frog?


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A frog has greenish spots and dark lines on its skin, which is kept wet and slimy due to the secretion of glands. Its ventral side is yellowish white in color. Body of the frog consists of head, trunk and limbs, necks and tail is present. Head directly join with trunk, and therefore, it cannot move his head.

Head is triangular and flattened with a wide mouth on the anterior side. On the dorsal side and anterior side of the head, a pair of external nostrils are present. Two bulging eyes are present, which are covered with immovable eyelids along with a transparent nictitating membrane which can spread over the eye for its protection. Behind each eye on ventrolateral side of the head, a circular pit covered by tympanic membrane exists.

This is the ear. Between the two hind legs, an opening called cloaca is present which is concerned with discharge of undigested food, urine and reproductive fluid. It has small fore limbs and strong, long hind limbs with the help of which it can take long leap. Hind legs have webbed fingers which help in swimming. In the male frog a finger of hand is padded which becomes more rough and swollen during breeding seasons. A pair of vocal sacs is present in the male, which appears like balloons during croaking.

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