What Are The Chances Of A Hamster Surviving Wet Tail?


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What are the possibilities that my hamster will survive having wet tail?

Unfortunately, wet tail is a very serious disease and is usually fatal to hamsters unless it's diagnosed and treated quickly.

Luckily, though, wet tail can be treated by a course of antibiotics - so if you suspect that your hamster has this disease then take your pet to the veterinary surgery immediately.

To increase your hamster's chances of survival from wet tail, you'll have to act fast. Here are some signs of the disease to look for:

  • The tail and anus of the hamster will be wet and soiled - which is what gives the disease its name.
  • Your hamster may seem lethargic, so pay careful attention to your hamster's mood and general well-being.
  • The hamster may experience watery diarrhea and will fail to groom itself - so you should notice the difference in its appearance really quickly.
  • The hamster may experience a protruding rectum and discomfort when urinating.
  • Your hamster may have a hunched posture, and dull and sunken eyes.
Usually this condition is easy to spot, so check your hamster's appearance and tail area regularly. If you suspect your pet has this disease, then take it to the vet immediately.
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I bought my kids 3 hamsters and 2 died the same day,because I didn't know what wet tail was, but I called the pet store and they told me to get the drops and the 3rd one got better.

It really depends on how long they had it, but it is possible to save them and worth a try - the drops only cost about $6.00.
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I had a hamster with wet tail, she died.

Chance of survival is very little even with treatment. From what I read, once it's there, there is not much hope.

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