Our Very Hardy Annabelle Hydrangeas Are Getting Holes In Their Leaves. What Should I Do?


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You need to first identify what pest or other reason is cause for the holes in your annabelle hydrandeas. Then, take steps to implement a solution. 

Here's another article that addresses a few hydrangea pests and other problems.

From the second article... Ah yes -- even hydrangeas attract a few pests! Among some pests
              to watch for are aphids, red spiders, leaf tiers, and rose chafers.
              Hydrangea foliage is also susceptible to leaf spots and powdery
              mildew. Always treat insects or diseased plants as soon as possible.
              Your friendly local garden will be able to quickly steer you in
              the right direction for a proper treatment plan if needed.
              Hydrangeas can provide much enjoyment for many seasons when properly
              cared for. Growing them in containers gives you the flexibility
              of moving them to different areas, or taking them with you should
              YOU have to move! You will be delighted with the versatility of
              these lovely shrubs, so just relax and enjoy their beauty!"

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