Do Rabbits Get Lonely If There Is Only 1 (when I Get 1 I Will Get 2 Sisters Hopefully, But In Case There Isnt 2 Females I Was Just Wondering) Please Answer?


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Yup.... Really lonely
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Hi, Louisa,   Yes a rabbit kept on its own gets really lonely and needs plenty of human attention to keep it happier. Rabbits are pack animals and they mutually groom each other and so on. Two females or two males should be okay to be kept together IF they have been raised together from being young. I E two siblings. Otherwise the best friendship pair bondings are between a buck and a doe, both neutered of course. Rabbits are very territorial and so you cannot pairup for friendship a neutered buck or doe in either ones living accommodation BUT it needs to be done on neutral territory. This can take several days as as soon as they have pair bonded can safely be returned to a previous set up. Many rescue places with experience will do this for you .   It is also a myth that rabbits should be kept with a guinea pig ,in the same set up.

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