How do I see if my scorpion is poisonous to humans or not? I'm tempted to get stung just to see but I don't wanna get killed by it just in case!


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Most are posionous - go to your vet.

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Go to your vet or do some reasearch on the internet. Find out what kind of scorpion you own and check if it is poisonous. Another thing to do is if you bought it from a pet store, ask someone there if it is poisonous or not. I would only take trust in Petsmart or Petco.

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If you are wondering whether your scorpion is poisonous to humans or not, there is really no sure fire way of finding out without risking your own life or somebody else's. Is it really worth it?

Research indicates that all scorpions possess venom. It is a known fact that thousands of people die every year from the poisonous string of a scorpion. Whether every scorpion has the potential to kill a human being or not does not deter from the fact that venom exists in the string nonetheless. Research also indicates that the most deadly scorpions are found in India, Northern Africa, the Middle East and parts of South America. So the origin of your pet Scorpion may also bare reference to the intensity of it's sting.

If you own a pet which is potentially lethal to humans, your best bet is to ensure that it never comes in to contact with humans. Several thousands of law suits occur each year due to humans being attacked by untamed pets. In almost all cases, human life is considered more valuable than that of an animal, so it is likely that you would lose your pet scorpion following an attempt to gauge it's deadliness.

The last thing you want is a law suit on your hands, let alone the ramifications on your soul should the scorpion turn out to indeed be poisonous. It is best to err on the side of caution and keep your scorpion well away from any possible human contact.

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