Is Raw Chicken Healthy For A Dogs To Eat?


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I have heard that raw chicken is very good for pregnant dogs.
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I fed my gsd raw for years. I went with eukanuba to be cheaper and my dogs hair fell out. He had hot spots everywere and was very very pissy when touched.  The problem is that his body wasnt used to all the crap in dog food. So I switched back and 2 days after feeding a raw fish his skin cleared up and a couple weeks later his fur grew back.  All animals live longer in captivity then in the wild excet for dogs and cats. The grey wolf lives 26 years..... Youl never get a dog to live that long feeding it poison.!!!!!  My blk lab is 22 years old and runs after birds all the time. The vet is amazed at this. He said its some kind of a record!!! Haha  but don't forget tho feed veggies to. They play an important part in his diet. In the wild dogs eat anamls who eat veggies and they eat the guts that have undigested veggies in them. Dogs will even dig up you're garden in search of carrots and potatoes and cuccumbers!!!!  Raw meat is great..... Raw food all around is better.... Dog food is A YOUNG DEATH!!!!!!
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Human food is not recommended for animals. It can cause diarrhoea and other problems for the animal. That is why it is made for them in a healthier way with hard or soft foods. Hope this helps.
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Yes it is fine! What would a dog eat in the wild but if he or she has never had raw food make the transition slowly. Raw eggs, chicken, pork, beef all of this majorly promotes a dogs health do your homework and to you who responds to this obviously not knowing what you are talking about do your research to.
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Why respond to a question you do not know the answer too? Anyhow yes raw food is very good for your dog. What would he or she eat in the wild? You can feed him any kind of raw meat I feed my dog raw chicken, eggs, pork, beef. Do your homework read about BARF and they will give you more detailed information but go ahead it will do nothing but promote your dogs health!
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That is for an animal that is living out in the wild, not one that is domesticated. I could see if the animal is from the wild, but not at other times. The other reason they tell you not to feed them the food is because of things like ecoli, salmonilla, and stuff like that.

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