What Are The General Characteristics Of The Round Worms?


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1 The name nematode means "pointed ends". The animals include in this group have elongated worm like body with pointed ends.
2 The round worms are triploblastic.
3 They exhibit bilateral symmetry and the body is unsegmented.
4 One end of the body is anterior; however the head is not clearly marked.
5 The body cavity is pseudocoelom. It is derived from the hollow space, blastocoels, situated in the blastula at an early stage in embryological development and not from the mesoderm. It consists of a number of vacuolated cells filled with a protein rich fluid which develop high hydrostatic pressure.
6 The round worms range from small microscopic forms to some reaching a length of up to 1 meter.
7 Digestive systems is in the form of alimentary canal with two openings.
8 The excretory system consists of two longitudinal running excretory canals which unit to form a single canal that open to excretory pore.
9 Nerve ring is present.
10 No circulatory and respiratory system.
11Sense organs are in the form of sensory papillae.
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Full grown it looks like a peach colored version of what you would find if you dug up your yard. This has a pic The animal can pick up roundworms through it's environment usually when grooming from infected worm eggs, it can also get it from something it ate usually rodents, it can get it from it's mother in the womb or by nursing if she has them.

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