Describe The General Characteristics Of Flatworms?


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1. The body of these animals is soft and compressed from center.
2. There are about 20000 species of flat worms living in marine, freshwater and damp terrestrial habitats.
3. They are triploblastic acoelomate. There is development of a third layer, the mesoderm, which separates the ectoderm and endoderm.
4. Flatworms exhibit bilateral symmetry, and body is unsegmented.
5. They range in size from few millimeters to several meters.
6. Much of the body space is taken up by a branching sac type digestive system. The digestive system is poorly developed in some species or may be absent.
7. The excretory system consists of branching tubes ending in bulb like cells, the flame cells.

8. A well-developed nervous system is present in flatworms.
9. Respiratory and circulatory systems are absent.
10. The parasitic species absorb nutrients from the hosts. The free-living species feed on small animals and bodies of dead and decaying animals.
11. The free-living forms are motile. They move by cilia present on their undersides.
12. They reproduce by both sexual and asexual methods.
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Flat bodies (gases move by diffusion)
--bilateral symmetry
--gastrovascular cavity
--some flatworms are parasitic, some are free living
--they have anterior and posterior heads and exhibit cephalization
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Flat kinda ribbon-or-leaf-like
bilateral symmetry
acoelomate - no body cavity
soft and compressed
triploblastic - 3 embryonic tissue layers-ectoderm,mesoderm,endoderm
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There cool

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