What Are The Names In A Wolf Pack?


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Well, if you actually research it and become obsessed with wolves like me, you'll realise that they are several ranks each with a certain job that moulds the pack.

First in rank are the Alpha Pair - or sometimes just a Alpha. Alphas are almost always mates, and usually they are the only ones to mate too.

Second are the Betas, Gammas and Deltas - fancy names for the supporters, close relatives and 'chums' of the alphas. If anyone else is going to mate, it will most likely be these wolves.

Third is the Sentinel, or the peace keeper. The put themselves into fights to end them, and are often badly injured - they are respected as much as the alphas, and almost every wolf listens to them. They can be any gender, and there can be more than one - but usually just a single wolf.

The rest ranks all share jobs - they are the subordinate wolves. They help in hunts, patrol territory, help in fights, support the alpha pair and their cubs, and other things.

The others that generally have 'no rank' are the elderly wolves, the young cubs, and omegas who are generally the most important wolf in the pack. All tension is taken out on them - without an omega, wolves in a pack would take their aggression, depression and fear out on each other. Omegas tend to be really old wolves, or young wolves without a rank yet, or are about to leave the pack.

There is also the nanny who is most often an elderly wolf, or the sister of a pregnant wolf, who will help, support and defend the pregnant wolf and her cubs. This is an honored rank, and isn't to be turned a nose up at. You must have a very good relationship with the females in the pack to be at this rank.

Hope this helps!
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There are a lot more than that
Alpha Male or Dragga
Alpha Female or Drappa
Beta Male
Beta Female
Delta Hunter Male
Delta Hunter Female
Delta Fighter Male
Delta Fighter Female
Delta Defender Male
Delta Defender Female
Delta Scout Male
Delta Scout Female
Delta Medicine Wolf Male
Delta Medicine Wolf Female
Delta Messenger Male
Delta Messenger Female
Gamma Messenger
Gamma Scout
Gamma Hunter
Gamma Defender
Gamma Fighter
Gamma Medicine Wolf
Tyros Messenger
Tyros Scout
Tyros Hunter
Tyros Defender
Tyros Fighter
Tyros Medicine Wolf
Sikla or Omega

Alphas are the lead wolves
Betas are the second in command
Deltas are the heads of the hunting fighting etc
Gemmas are the normal wolves that specialize in hunting fighting etc
Queens are the pregnant she wolves
Elders are the older wolves
Tyros are the Gemmas in training
Siklas are the weakest
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There is a alpha female and male and then there are the babysitters for the alpha female. There is the last wolf that is at the bottom and they are called the weak link or the obedite one because they are at the bottom of the pack and when the pack eats something they have to wait until the end and it's very evil because they might not get anything to eat.
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Heather the babysitters are called nannies that look after the alpha females pups because if she goes off hunting she needs the nannie to look after tham but the wolves have to work hard to become the nannie so that the alpha female can choose the best and suitble wolf for the job.
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The omegas may have to wait their turn, but in the end they do get the food they need. A pack take care of each other. They never not leave any food for the omegas.

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