Why Are Crabs Important?


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Crabs are animals that contain jointed limbs, have no vertebral column and have hard shell made of chiton. Crabs also have four pairs of legs, two forceps, eyes and two antennae. Other carbs include shrimp, lobsters, barnacles, crayfish, and copepods. The majority of crabs live in ocean but some of them are also found in freshwater. Many types of crabs are important and are used in human foods.

Crabs are found in marine habitats. A number of them are found in the sub-tidal region, where as others in the inter-tidal region. Crabs also hide in rock cracks, under plants or rocks, and hiding in mud and sand.

Importance of Crabs:
Many people who live near seashore have most likely consumed crabs. They are famous as a delicacy all around the world. Both the profit-making and sport crab fishery contribute to the local economy. In B.C for several First Nations, the crab harvesting is an important sports, and cultural activity.

Crabs are one of the major decomposers in the naval environment. In other terms, Crabs help in cleaning up the bottom of the sea by collecting decaying plant and animal substance. Many fish, birds and sea mammals rely on crabs for a food source.

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