What Happens To A Person Who Gets Rabies?


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Usually the incubation period for humans ranges from three to eight weeks. In rare instances, it has been as short as 10 days and as long as eight months. However, warning signs regularly appear during the first two to four days. These include headaches, fever, physical discomfort and nervousness.

Of course, these symptoms could be due to a number of minor ailments. But if rabies is prevalent in your area, it would be wise to visit a physician at the appearance of even such common evidences of illness.

If no immediate treatment is obtained, a positive reaction will occur after the incubation period. The illness will cause mental derangement, including hallucinations. There will be pain, fever, vomiting, profuse secretion of sticky saliva, convulsions, paralysis and difficulty in breathing and swallowing. In nearly every case, death occurs in two to five days. The virus will have established itself so firmly in the nervous tissue that vaccination is no longer of any help.

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