How Do Birds Turn And Land?


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The control that birds have in the air is amazing. They can turn by beating one wing more rapidly than the other. This also causes the wing to be lifted up, enabling the bird to turn quite sharply. The tail feathers also play their part in this. Additionally, they help to provide balance and act as a brake when needed. The way birds dart in and out, dodging branches and avoiding near collisions with one another, shows that they are indeed masters of the air.

As far as landing is concerned, birds possess all the essentials to accomplish almost unbelievably perfect landings. A bird must consider its height, speed and direction and any wind currents so that it does not hit the ground hard or topple over on landing. Some heavier birds must run along a few feet to keep their balance.

Birds skillfully use their wings and also their tails to reduce speed and control the landing, enabling them to descend on a branch in such a way as barely to disturb it. This is quite an acrobatic feat when one considers the speed at which they approach the landing spot. Sometimes birds actually beat their wings opposite the direction of flight to slow themselves down quickly.

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