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Unicorn is a mythological animal of the ancient history of mankind. It was imaginative as a white horse with a single horn on its forehead. In the ancient Mesopotamian art, the existence of unicorn was found from their tombs. The existence of unicorn was also referred in the ancient myths of India and China. The earliest description of the unicorns had been found in Greek literature of 400 B.C. It was probably depicted the Indian rhinoceros.

It was believed as the extension of the myth that the unicorn was ferocious. According to the myth it was also difficult to capture them. But a virgin could capture it easily. It was stated and believed that if a virgin was taken before it, the unicorn would put down its head in the virgin's knee. It was thought that the horn was to offer defense against poison.

The myth of the unicorn was connected with Jesus by the medieval writers. In the medieval art the chase for the unicorn was often taken as imaginative subject. In the museum of Paris, there is a wall-hanging of a unicorn of 15th century. The tapestry is named 'the lady and the unicorn'.
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A unicorn sounds like a type of corn to me. Like there is green apples and red ones and yellow ones. So maybe there is plain corn already salted corn and uni- corn
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Long ago, voyages to distant lands were lengthy and dangerous undertakings. Travellers who dared make these trips brought back strange tales of the wonderful sights they had seen. Often they told of mythical animals, which were both strange and horrible.
These tales grew more marvellous each time they were told.
Sailors told of seeing sea-serpents, fearful man-eating creatures which were 60 metres long, 6 metres thick, and had bright blue eyes. Mermaids with long, green hair and shiny, scaly tails were supposed to haunt the seas and lure sailors to destruction.
Travellers said that in the countries they had visited they had seen unicorns. These were animals with the head and the body of a horse, the hind legs of an antelope, the tail of a lion, and the beard of a goat. Each unicorn had a single, long, twisted horn set in the middle of its forehead. The horn was supposed to have the magic power to detect poison and was much sought after for drinking cups.
But the unicorn was a mythical animal that never existed, even though many people believed it did. Other mythical animals that people thought really existed included griffins, animals that were a cross between a lion and an eagle. The Greeks told stories of centaurs, creatures which were half man and half horse. Almost everyone believed in dragons, huge winged serpents that breathed forth fire.
Although modern scientists have tried to explain what some of these mythical creatures really were, no one can explain where people got the idea those unicorns, centaurs, or griffins existed. A unicorn, by the way, is still on our English coat of arms!

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