How Big Should An Eagle Owl Aviary Be?


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The Eurasian Eagle Owl or the Bubo bubo is the name of a particular species of a horned owl which is native to most parts of Europe as well as Asia.

The eagle owl is a big sized bird, slightly smaller then the Golden Eagle. It ranks first in the owl species, in terms of size, having a wing span of up to two hundred centimetres.

An eagle owl's diet generally comprises of small sized mammals, since it is a bird of prey, however it can even kill medium sized animals like foxes and deer, by surprise.

Seeing the above information, we know that firstly an eagle owl is not really a bird which can be domesticated, since it is a bird of prey. Secondly, its size is also quite big for a house bird, you would have to find a really large cage which may take up a lot of space in your house.

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