In Which Period Of Time Did The Pterodactyl Live?


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Late Triassic Period to the end of the Cretaceous Period.
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From a combined standpoint of geologists and historians, the existence of the pterodactyl (or pterosaurs as it is otherwise called) dates back to a period in between 150 million and 70 million years ago. Looking like overgrown bats, pterodactyls were extraordinary creatures, which were classified as reptiles. Reptiles who knew how to fly. They were extraordinary in size too. Some had a wing-span of as long as twenty five feet. Not only that but their skeletons were also of great size, often longer than four feet. These two facts probably make pterodactyls the largest flying creatures the face of the Earth has ever seen.

Not only in shape, pterodactyls also shared another trait with bats in common. They were unable to perch upright and hung upside down like bats when they were sleeping or were resting.

Geologists have found most of the pterodactyls' remains from marine sediments so it won't be incorrect to assume that these reptiles or more precisely flying dinosaurs (as their name suggests), found their food in the sea by diving for fish.

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