What Are The Arguments For And Against Canada's Seal Hunt?


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The Canadian seal hunt elicits many emotions from the international community, as videos are shown on television and circulated on the internet showing hunters from the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador clubbing fluffy, furry white seals to death with Hakapiks, a club with a sharp, metal hook at the end.

Those who support the seal hunt claim that this practice is essential to Newfoundland's struggling economy. It is, indeed, true that the Maritime province is one of the poorest in Canada, with lower-than-average levels of income, high unemployment and out-migration of Newfoundlanders who often go to oil-rich Alberta looking for work. Newfoundland receives equalization payments from the federal government in Ottawa each year, so that it can continue to offer appropriate levels of health care and other services to the population.

The seal hunt brings in an average of $33 million and helps poverty-stricken fishers get by. Danny Williams, the Premier of Newfoundland & Labrador, appeared on American television programs, such as CNN's Larry King Live last year, in order to defend the seal hunt. Both Newfoundland and Canada have also claimed that the hunt is closely regulated and the Department of Fisheries determines the number of seals that may be killed each year. This year, the quota is 270,000 seals. Moreover, few hunters use hakapiks during the hunt and often prefer rifles instead, which kill the seals immediately and cause no, or very little, pain.

Animal rights activists are strongly opposed to the seal hunt, and this Canadian practice has caused outrage among Americans and Europeans alike. Opponents claim that the hunt is not essential to the Newfoundland economy, as no more than 6000 people benefit from the hunt. Some activists also claim that hunters begin skinning seals while they are still conscious, as they slowly bleed to death.
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They dont skin seals alive and let them stay there.. People do it for the money for the pelts so they wouldnt leave the animal. And plus they only have so much time until night sets it so the try to get as many as possible which means theyre not going to wait for the damned thing to die. Sense in all things..
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The white tailed deer are the most hunted animal in Canada. I have never seen a single protest to prevent cruelty in their deaths or any member of the Beatles or celebrity from a far away country pose in front of some wet-eyed Bambi.
It's something to make people angry about, to rake in the money for donations. Something for U2 to write a shitty album about...
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Seals die in agony while being skinned as well and also seal fur is used to make unnecessary products.

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