How Do Animals Get The Carbon Compounds They Need?


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There is carbon dioxide in the air, and animals can get this by breathing in. But there is also carbon inside other animals. So, when animals eat other animals, the carbon that is in the other animal that has been eaten if transferred into the animal that ate the animal. It also applies to herbivores. There is carbon dioxide in plants as well. It's not that confusing when you think about it. It's basically carbon from one life form being transferred into another. Well, thats part of it anyway. Hope I helped! :)
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Carbon compounds are organic compounds, which consist of carbon, which is produced by plants and animals. The carbon taken in by plants and animals are converted into carbon compounds.

All human organisms require certain nutrients to maintain their life processes. Out of these nutrients carbon is one of the most common one. Carbon is the building blocks of life or cells. Our life is carbon based; carbon is essential for all the chemical processes to support life processes.

During photosynthesis, plants use carbon dioxide from the air and get energy from the sunlight to prepare their own food. The carbon is thereafter converted into carbon compounds in the plants. Animals primarily live by consuming plants, or eating other animals, and thereby get the carbon required for their life processes. The carbon is converted into carbon compounds, by the animal, which are required by them for maintaining their life processes.

During respiration, both plants and animals exhale carbon dioxide. Also when plants and animals decay the microbes ingest the mass and in the process of decay, carbon is released back in the atmosphere. Thus maintaining the amount of carbon on the earth and ensures that the elements are in balance on the earth.
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As you might already know, the different animals in the world exist in a hierarchy when it comes to feeding. This hierarchy is called the food chain. It is only we humans who are overdoing it by creating our own versions of food products that are rich in different compounds, minerals, and vitamins. Nature on its own gives us all we need in sufficient quantity and balance. The entire universe is the supreme example of delicate balance, where everything is so finely tuned as to be just about sufficient for everyone else.

In the case of animals, they draw their nutrition source from nature. The herbivores (plant-eating animals) draw their carbon compounds from the plants they eat, and the carnivores (meat-eating animals) draw their source of essential minerals and carbon compounds from the animals they feed on. They do not require secondary sources for these supplements. Neither do we actually, we can live a healthy and balanced life by eating natural foods itself.

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