Are There Any Types Of Chameleon Which Don't Need To Be Fed Live And Dead Insects?


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Not really. The larger ones might eat birds and other reptiles, instead, but only some of the time. There may be feeder pieces available to buy for when you go on holiday, but this is A) expensive and B) unkind. Chameleons are meant to eat whole insects, they don't cope well on alternatives.

Basically chameleons are natural insectivores; this is the way they are, and you can't change it. Only one species, Chamaeleo calyptratus has been observed to eat any kind of plant material at all; the others are pure meat eaters.

If you can tolerate some insects, one of the largest and most popular is Chamaeleo calyptratus (the Veiled Chameleon). It's very pretty -- see below:

Veiled chameleons like leafy greens and a range of fruit -- best to buy a specialist book so that you understand what their dietary and other needs are.

You would still need to watch this pet consume a steady supply of crickets, mealworms, butterworms, flies, moths, grasshoppers... These should all be bought from a specialist dealer, do not assume any crawlies you find in the back yard will be safe!

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