What Is The Best Way To Look After A Horse And Exercise It, Starting From The Morning Through To The Night If The Owner Is At School?


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The best way to look after a horse if the owner is going to be at school is difficult but it can be done. Firstly early in the morning, in winter it can be anywhere as early as 5am, you need to wake up and let the horse out of its stable if they are kept in stables. You will need to feed it and groom it and generally make sure that everything is ok. Pick out its feet and give fresh water. Then either lead them to their field or leave them in their stables if it is too cold to let them out.

Then when you get home from school, in summer especially, it is easy to go out riding for an hour or two. Make up for the lack of exercise during the week by going for longer rides at the weekend. So it is just a matter of getting into a routine and waking up early before you go to school.
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If you buy a horse the main thing is that you look after it, feed it and last of all take it for runs down the beach or even just the road or around ypur house.
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If you cannot afford a professional stabling setup, with people who will exercise him, feed and doctor him/her, then I suggest you need to take a look at the website
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Whether it's summer or winter, your horse's major source of electrolytes and minerals is his basic diet. For example, the daily potassium requirement of a 1,000-lb. horse doing intense work is about 40 grams per day. Most hays contain a minimum of 1% potassium, so 10 lbs. of hay a day will meet or exceed the potassium needs of a horse at work and 5 lbs. of hay will keep a horse at maintenance for example 1 lb. of hay provides 4.5 grams of potassium
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I think if you just make a to do list you will be ok haha

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