What's A Curry Comb?


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Currycomb is a tool used for the horse grooming. It is made of plastic or rubber with small teeth on one side. The horse is rubbed with this tool to remove loose hairs and dirt.  Rubbing of this tool also stimulate the horse skin to produce oil.
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     A curry comb is a brush. The rubber kind is for use on the horses body. It isn't like a hard or soft brush, instead of bristles, it has little rubber spikes. The metal kind is for cleaning brushes ONLY. It has metal spikes instead of rubber, so should never be used on the horse.

The picture is of rubber curry combs. =)
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It makes the mayne on the horse really soft any hair on the horse!
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Loosens dirt, mud and dead hair that lies at the base of the animal's hair coat. Used in a circular motion-it also helps stimulate the animal's circulation (similar  to you rubbing your arms if you're cold).
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curry comb is an oval-shaped or circular brush which is specially designed to help loosen the dirt which has settled deep into your horse's coat. An essential part of grooming, using the curry comb is the first part of the grooming process.
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It looks like that, and a curry comb is a tool made of rubber or plastic with short teeth on
one side. Its purpose is to break up dirt clumps and pull loose hair to
the surface of the coat. It is the first of several brushes used to
groom a horse's coat.

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