How do I find out more about animal conservation in places like Africa and Asia?


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Charities like Explorers Against Extinction work alongside lots of conservation projects in both Africa and Asia. They would be a great starting point as they campaign against species extinction and habitat loss worldwide so you can find out lots of info about the issues, as well as the contacts of the projects if yu want to take it further.

Over the last 5 years they have worked with 30 projects on all seven continents. They also attended COP26, the major climate change conference hosted in Glasgow in 2021, one of only 15 organisations out of 6,000 applications invited to both display and attend as delegates.

They raise awareness of tough issues through art, their annual competition recieving 3,000 entries from nearly 100 countries and being displayed in London, Edinburgh and New York. If you are an artist and were interested in supporting, you can find out more dtails on their Sketch For Surviuval Art Competition Page.

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