Which insect do you find the most beautiful?


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Butterflies and moths.

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I only once saw a moth that mimicked a hummingbird so closely in appearance and flight pattern that I did a double take. The giveaway were the antenna. ☺
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My wife and I saw one of those too. Just once in her flower bed. She thought it was a baby hummingbird until I noticed the antenna. An amazing creature. I researched it and it was called a Hummingbird Hawk - Moth.
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Well, this is an easy question. The insect I find the most
beautiful is the butterfly. I have always been fascinated by these, especially
those with vibrant colours. When I was a child, I used to try to catch them. I think ladybugs are very cute as well.
However, I only like these two. I am afraid of other insects.

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