Do you celebrate yor pet's birthday? I do!


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Today Princess Arabella turns 11! She is getting extra treats and a package of brand new tennis balls.

(I tried to add a picture but it wouldn't let me. πŸ˜•)

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Yes. I make sure that I take a photo on each birthday.

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Otis Campbell answered

Motormouth is spoiled rotten so at least one day each month she has special treats

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Janis Haskell
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She definitely found the right home! :)
Yin And Yang
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You not only celebrate her birthday but you also celebrate her UN-birthday! Its a very very unbirthday to you... to me? It's a very very unbirthday to you... to who? To US! It's a very very unbirthday to us... to us! (Silly acid in wonderland! Lol!)
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Geoffrey the ant lives less than a year. No birthdays ever. Poor Geoff!

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