Do you have pets?


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Yep, my little pal Myla.

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Hi Skip, I'm just seeing your comment today. Sorry, I must have missed it. No, she's not a puppy in this pic, she's about 3-4 years old there. She's sitting in her very own human recliner, she took it as her own when she was a puppy.
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Thank you Can't Wait, she's the spoiled one in this house.
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Many many!  We rescue animals that are "dumped" in the country.  We work with our vet and local "No Kill" shelter.  We provide the medical testing, shots, spay & neuter, a free starter kit, and an advertisement in the newspaper.  Those we can't find homes for, we take in ourselves.

Currently we have 5 cats and a parrot in the house.  There are 6 ferals we are taming to prepare for adoption.  I hope to catch them soon.  :)

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I have a cat named Pocky and two ferrets. The boy is named Kes and the girl is named Kaden.

That's Kes!

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No. But I give a yearly donation to the SPCA. 

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I owned a Siberian Husky named Vilkas (that's Wolf in Lithuanian. We named him that because he looked like a wolf.) a handsome dog, with one blue and one brown eye, and  a big fur coat that was both white and gray. I loved him but he passed away when I was 5.

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