If you could bring one mythical creature to life, which one would it be?


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Darik Majoren answered

And introduce an invasive species into our present environment? . . . Perish the thought.

I would have to bring a whole mythological ecosystem just to have the checks and balances in place so as not to have some sort of new Apex Predator . . .

I guess a single Pegasus couldn't hurt . . . . As long as it couldn't reproduce. 

Corey The Goofyhawk Profile
Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

Oh oh oh!! A Griffin!

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Tom Jackson answered

Two unicorns---male and female, and modified if necessary so that they have no natural predators (including warped humans).

(I would have to make numerous other conditions extant to provide for their presence.  It now occurs to me at the moment that being God is much more difficult that just having ultimate powers---there are so many ancillary considerations when you create interdependent creatures.)

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Tom  Jackson
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I can always scroll past her and a number of others. There is very little content on there lately that I have any interest in, but for the moment, I just don't participate on the site much.
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That's because most of the active members have left. I was usually on there in the mornings and she just dominated everything, you couldn't get away from it, Several other members have become aggressive and just downright hateful. I like it better here. :)
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Me too.
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Janis Haskell answered

Pegasus.  Think of all the traffic I would avoid and the great places I could see!

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Ray Dart answered

A centaur. Four-footed drive train AND arms with hands with opposable thumbs.

Has to be the best design for any animal.

Question: Why are all the higher animals (with the exception of some fish) based on a 4 limbed design?

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