Have you ever found a hummingbird nest?


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Three years ago I found one. Two years ago I found three. Last year I didn't find any. They are made from spider webs and lichen, are usually no more than 10 feet above ground and are hard to spot. This is one I found two years ago. The lichen has lost it's color. The hummingbirds don't return to the same nest because the nests seem to fall apart through winter. I put a dime in it to give you an idea of the size.

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Mountain  Man
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The hummingbirds are here so I'm hoping to find at least one nest this year.
Toni Pauze
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Take a picture.
The little finch bird nest aren't much bigger than this. There is one of those in one of my hanging baskets.
Mountain  Man
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If I find one this year I'll take a picture. They look better when the lichen still has its green and gray color. I did have some good pics but lost them when my phone broke.
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Not since I was a chid.  Actually, my grandma pointed it out to me.  I love seeing nature up close .... Cocoons are also a favorite.

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Toni Pauze
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Oh no Janis not touching at all!!
KB Baldwin
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When I was in primary school, it was considered cool to have a little sharp-tailed snake living in your shirt pocket.
Yin And Yang
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Oh my!!! 😨😢
Lol! Maybe I can keep him focused on tools. He likes tools! No snakeys! Lolololol
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No but I watch a hummingbird nest on a nature cam. Their eggs are about the size of Tic Tacs.

Here's a link to that cam:

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Mountain  Man
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Thanks for the link Hippy! I'll have to keep checking in on that one. It looks like one egg got broken.
Yin And Yang
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That is so neat!!!!! I could get hooked on that website!!! I checked out the shark, penguins, and jellyfish as well! ☺
Ancient Hippy
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I love that site. So many cams to look at. I favor the bird cams myself, just fascinating.
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I've never found one but I love the hummingbirds! I could watch them all day!  :)

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Mountain  Man
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I like sitting on the porch and watching them come into the feeder. Sometimes they fight over it, sometimes as many as four share it.
KB Baldwin
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Ours get just a bit pushy if I let the feeder run dry.
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Nope.  And only saw one personally for the first time about a year ago.  (And I'm 71).

Great site: https://www.thespruce.com/all-about-hummingbird-nests-386644

If you are fortunate enough to find a hummingbird nest, it can be tempting to watch it closely to see the magical growth of the tiny family. Like all nesting birds, however, female hummingbirds can be shy and skittish, and may abandon nests if they do not feel secure. It is always best to keep your distance from a nest and enjoy it from afar rather than risk harming the nest or chicks by being too eager to see them.

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Mountain man, I was looking for the full story I recently typed which answered your question but I can't track it down right now. Long story short, yes and it is very touching. A hummingbird made its nest right in front of our front door. She grew to trust us when ever we would come and go. We named her Nugget. Lol! Nugget had an egg and was very attentive to her egg. She never left it's side. After a few weeks we saw a tiny little beak peeking out of the nest. We got to watch Nugget feed Nugget Jr. But most days it was like Nugget ditched her kid. Further research we found out mother hummingbirds are never far away from her nest after her egg hatches. The mother watches her baby away from the nest so that if a predator sees her it's less likely to find her baby. One day when we all came home Nugget was at her nest and we got to witness Nugget Jr fly for the very first time. And he left the nest. I kid you not Nugget was so proud of her baby! She flew "happily" if you know what I mean. And then the nest was empty.

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