Do hummingbirds ever peck people?


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I can't find any record of hummingbird attacks on humans online, so I'm going to go with no.

Could a hummingbird peck my eyes out?

Technically, it probably could - but the chances of that happening are very, very slim.

Hummingbirds are fearless and very territorial, so there's a good chance they might swoop down at you or even square up to you and buzz around your head to warn you off - but there haven't been any reported cases that I can find of hummingbirds actually assaulting humans.

Hummingbirds are self-defence machines!

Even when hummingbirds confront threats like owls or falcons, they merely make repeated eye-poking gestures against a foe, rather than actually going for the kill.

Scarily, one defence mechanism humming birds use is "mobbing":

If a hummingbird feels like its in danger, it will release high pitched shrieks calling for help from its fellow hummingbirds.

Then several of them will join in, buzzing around the predators face and head until they retreat.

So, don't mess with hummingbirds, but also rest assured there are no killer hummingbirds hanging around - as the fact that these guys are still alive proves:

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