just visited the zoo....do you have any favorite animals that you enjoy seeing and learning about?


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I always enjoyed the bats and snakes! Sssssssss

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All species of tarsier share the same general features: Large eyes, large bat-like ears, soft fur, long hind legs and a long hairless tail. They also have long thin fingers, with the third finger the longest. Tarsiers have nails on most of their fingers, with claws on the 2nd and 3rd toes of the hind feet for grooming. Tarsiers have very large eyes to enable them to see well in the dark and their eyeballs are around as large as their brains, although size varies between species. Tarsiers have soft, sleek fur, the color of which varies between species but is mainly brown, beige or grey to help camouflage them among the branches and undergrowth. The tarsier brain differs from that of other primates - there is a unique connection between the brain and the eyes and this separates tarsiers from lemurs, lorises and monkeys, which all have similar brains. Tarsiers are very good at picking up signs of prey or predators – their large ears are very sensitive and can hear the smallest sounds and they can turn their heads almost 360° to cover the whole area around them. Tarsiers also have sticky pads on each of their fingers which help with climbing, leaping and catching prey.

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Bear, white tiger and white peacock

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