What bug is this (read comment. Sorry for low quality, had to zoom in because, its pretty small)?


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Dear Johnny Bravo,

Like Korvo One, I am concerned about bedbugs here...I have been through that in Iowa, and it is awful...

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Dear Johnny, some people don't react to their bites...it was really awful for me because I did...

Look into your living situation; if you are renting, you will want to make sure your landlord knows...these things are incredibly aggressive in spreading. Also, things like they can go into hibernation for a year or so, waiting until a warm body comes along to give them blood...they survive on blood...

Even very cold weather; it takes A LOT to freeze them out... and they come out at night so you won't often find them in the day.

I have a horror of them, they are an epidemic...it's extremely hard to get rid of them without a professional exterminator - in bygone days past, people would take all their furniture outside and burn it...
As you see, I have LOTS to say about bedbugs but this much should give you a bit of my experience.
And so sorry, I would not wish them on anyone.
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It weird I only found 2 in the past couple of months, like I said, after searching. I stayed up till about 2am and didn't see not one. Maybe came in from outside? I'll notify my landlord and have some people check my bed thoroughly, though.
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Johnny, if you can, save one of the bugs. They won't want to proceed (prolly) unless they are sure what it is...anyway that's how it worked in Iowa...
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I'm going to vote against the tick---based on the fact that I think ticks have 8 legs at this state of development.

But, it's been a long time since I was actively interested in zooology.

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