I'm really worried... does anyone know what some reasons could be for a baby chaco tarantula to run away from its food? I tried both live and dead baby crickets but he just got really spooked... can someone help?!


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We had a pet tarantula for many years. When he was young we had to get him the smallest crickets that the pet store had. The guy at the pet store said to give him one or two live crickets at a time, so he wouldn't get overwhelmed or scared.

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Alice X. R.
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That's what I tried to do. I put one baby in the cage. But any time it got near Oliver,(that's my tarantula's name) He would run away...I'm not talking speed walk I'm talking full out RUN idk what to do...
Ancient Hippy
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I would just give Oliver some time. When he's hungry enough, he'll act on his instincts and go for the kill.
Alice X. R.
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okay I will, I guess I've just never seen a spider run away from a cricket...thats like a cat being scared of a mouse

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