Our 2 yr old aussie shep mix all of a sudden is scared to leave the house. We suspect that perhaps she was shocked by the invisible fence after not having her collar on for a while. Not even bones, walks or anything can bribe her! Any ideas?


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Hmmm, maybe just a lot of patience and encouragement .. And toss the electro collar .. She's been tormented enough

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I don't mean to sound rude, but what did you expect would happen with that collar? The things should be outlawed.

You need to get rid of the collar, and find a high value treat for her. Use the treat to just get her to the door and then through the door. Add a step at a time. Not only give her the treat, but lots of praise with each new step she takes.

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Thank you for your response! Thankfully after a couple days she started being her self again and is loving the outdoors. We make sure to enfore the "back back" command if we see her go near. She is doing great now!

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